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South East Essex is one of the U.K.’s most in demand areas for property. The area is well connected by rail, served by the C 2 C and greater Anglia train services. Central London is easily reached by car within an hours time. Most towns in Essex offer a quiet suburban surrounding in which to raise a young family. It’s these 2 factors which means that towns such as Southend on Sea, Leigh on Sea, and Chelmsford are experiencing a property pricing boom.


Research by Halifax has shown a 14.8% price increase in the cost of property in Southend on Sea. This is in comparison to figures from 2011. The average price of a property in Southend on Sea is now just over £190,000. Acquiring a mortgage is no easier here than it is in the rest of the UK. It will be interesting to see if this price rise does anything to stem the flow of young professionals and migrant workers who are turning the seaside resort into a once-again flourishing town. RIFT capital allowances are special group of tax assessors who can help the self-employed save money on their tax return and thereby find the savings for a mortgage deposit.


2013 is set to be a unpredictable year according to leading letting agents and property agents. No one wants to try and accurately predict which way the property market is going to go. Meanwhile in the rest of the UK, Yorkshire is also experiencing a rising costs as regards its housing. The case is that the spread of property price in the UK is no longer a simple matter of the North-South divide.


Whether property prices will return to the same pattern in of what we now think of as the pre-recession boom years is yet to be seen. However the market looks like it will be a tough one for some time to come yet.

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