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Eleanor Stason is a single mom with too young boys. Between their school hours and soccer practice, Eleanor also works a 12-hour shift at the local supermarket and a second part-time job during the weekends. She was lucky to have a close friend that would look after the boys whenever it was possible. But gaining big amounts in debt was inevitable to Eleanor. She had 5 maxed-out credit cards and bills that were over £8000. During these desperate times, her close friend had a talk with her and explained she needed help and how she could get it.

Eleanor decided to consult a financial advisor and find a solution – she applied for a consolidation loans program, cut up all her credit cards except for one, and got a repayment plan. After almost 2 years, Eleanor paid her last bill with a big smile on her face and became a free woman.

Eleanor was kind enough to share her story with us, thinking it will encourage more people who have huge debts take the consolidation loans solution into account and put an end to their worries.

People with high incomes and big families also have debt problems but it’s somehow easier for them to manage. But when you are a single mom with two young children, things radically change. This kind of people with low income spend more money than they receive and are more likely to encounter credit card debt, untold fees and rising rates of interest.

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