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Why South East Essex Is An Expensive Place to Live

South East Essex is one of the U.K.’s most in demand areas for property. The area is well connected by rail, served by the C 2 C and greater Anglia train services. Central London is easily reached by car within an hours time. Most towns in Essex offer a quiet suburban surrounding in which to raise a young family. It’s […]

Stop Your Debt Struggle with Debt consolidation loans!

Are you struggling with your debts? Looking for some debt management solution? Then you can go through this article that explains some insights of debt consolidation loans. These loans are specifically designed for those who are striving with their multiple individual debts.   By acquiring this solution you can repay all your multiple debts in one go. It offers you […]

UK Debt Advice

As per latest statistics in UK there are more than ten thousand people every year that need assistance in their debt related issues. Today there are many firms in UK that offer you impartial advices on your debt management. Debt Buddy gives you an interesting opportunity to discuss your case with us. If you feel tangled in managing your debts […]

Credit Card Debt: Few Helping Tips

.. Solve your credit card problems with best consultation Credit cards are designed to provide easy and quick service at the time of requirement. And you are not the only one but there are many others who are struggling with their credit card debts. As per the latest statistics there are more than 75% of credit card holders that seek […]

Debt Advice: A Helping Hand!

In the outcome of recession most of us are struggling with our debts. Some of us are managing by our own but some of us need debt advice so that it can be managed perfectly. In today’s scenario there are several consultancies that provide debt advice in UK. I know it is difficult to ask any stranger for our debt […]

How to Get Rid of Debts?

If you are trying to get rid of debts, the steps below may prove to be useful to you. They are the result of my friends’ life experience. At some point we have all been buried in debts. It is high time you got rid of all of them.   What to do when deciding to get rid of debts:  […]

Mortgage lending edges up in July

The Bank of England says that mortgage approvals hit 14-month high, but the numbers are still very low, in comparison with long-term norms. Mortgage lending rose in July, when there has been a recorded number of loans approved for both house purchases and remortgages, as stipulated by the Bank of England. Even so, this rise was below the previous six-month […]

Stay in control of your car finances

Waste business secures £177,000 loan

A waste treatment business from Birmingham has secured a £177,000 business loan from Lloyds TSB Commercial to buy a cutting-edge screening and separation treatment plant. The Environmental Screening and Separation was established 18 months ago in Coleshill, and provides plant, equipment and manpower to the waste industry, in order to remove and separate silt, grit and plastics, thus reducing by […]

How an IVA can Easily Help You

IVA plan advantages are actually linked to the concepts of debt arbitration, debt negotiation or credit settlement. It stands for an action which has in mind to cut down a person’s debt. The debtor and creditor get to an agreement to have a reduced balance that will stand for a payment in full. All those who think they might find […]

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